Got Questions?


What does Udros mean?

Udros is an acronym for the Arabic word “أدرس”, which means “Study”.


How can I contact Udros.com?

We love to hear from you. You can easily reach us on our phone number +971 4 443 8097, email address info@udros.com, or on our Facebook page.


Who are we?

We are a team of aspiring entrepreneurs with lots of Passion for Education and wanna help everyone achieve his goals and go to his Dream University.


Why Udros.com?

Udros.com makes it easy to find the university program that best matches your goals. You can search almost all the universities in the UAE and more than 800 programs at the same page. You can compare multiple programs side by side and find scholarships.


Can I apply to any university on Udros?

Yes, you can apply to any university listed on Udros.com.


What is the timeline for the given school costs?

All the Tuition Fees on Udros.com are per year and excludes any other Living or Accommodation expenses.


Can I find Scholarships on udros.com?

Yes, every university updates the available Scholarships on its profile on Udros.com. Once you open the university profile, you can find the scholarships under the tab called “Scholarships”.


How do I know that my personal data is secure?

At Udros.com, we do everything to keep your data secure. We keep your personal information stored on our secure servers and we share it with the university only. Key information is always encrypted and we do not store credit card data.


Does Udros.com help students get scholarships?

We help students from anywhere in the world choose and apply to schools in the UAE that best match their needs and potential. We do not help with specifically getting scholarships to fund your education but we have a huge list of scholarships from our amazing partners.


How do I apply to a school?

If you are interested in any program on Udros.com, click on the “Apply” tab on the program page and fill the application form.


What happens after submitting my application?

Once you submit your application, we will review it and make sure it meets the University requirements. Then we will forward it to the university and your approval process with start.


How can I claim my Cash Back?

Once you are admitted to the School and you pay the first installment of your Tuition Fees, you should scan your payment receipt and send it to us at info@udros.com.


How much Cash Back will I get?

It depends. We pay different Cash Back amount based on every University and Program.


Do I get Cash Back if I apply to any university?

Unfortunately No. We have partnerships with specific universities that allows us to give you Cash Back. We are constantly working on expanding our network and enroll more universities to our Cash Back Program.


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